An Introduction To My Pack

Hmm, I got in a lot of trouble for my first post. Mom said I was selfish and that I should have introduced my packmates. It’s my journal, I’ll write what I want in my journal. Fortunately I want to write about my packmates. Family Shot I’m the good looking black and tan female in the middle. I know I look a little bedraggled. Mom groomed us before taking the picture but you see the dog behind me, that’s Ronin. He’s barely a year old but he likes to chase me for my tennis ball. Just before this picture, he pushed me into the wet grass. Just like a young male.


The red merle to the left of me is Cajun. She was rescued from a puppy mill in Louisiana. When she came to live with us she had no idea what a tennis ball was for. She certainly learned fast. We call her, ”Wo wo” because that’s the way she sounds when she wants something.

RoninAs I said earlier, the blue merle slightly behind me is Ronin. He’s really fast but very obnoxious. Mom is training him for Agility but he’s too young to compete. He’s already gone to several shows with us. I can’t wait until he grows out of his puppy cuteness so people start paying attention to me again.


That’s Bryce next to Ronin. Bryce has been competing in Agility forever. He was competing before I was born. He has a huge collection of ribbons and titles. Sometimes I get the impression that’s all he thinks about. He really likes to play Frisbee when he’s not competing.There’s not room to show all the ribbons he has but I have a picture of all the ribbons he brought home from the 2012 Nationals.

ShelbyThe blue merle next to Bryce is Shelby, the senior member of my pack. At 16 years, she’s seen everything. She says she even competed in Agility but that must have been before I was born. She still likes to play ball but she gets tired easily. I’ve been told she ran away from two other homes before she came to live here.

Here’s the picture of Bryce’s ribbons I promised you. A few of those belong to me but he was just awesome. Nationals2012b


Hello world!

Sundae1I’ve seen the world from hotel room windows all over the US. Oh, sorry, I’m supposed to introduce myself first. Mom always insists on manners.

My name is Sundae, I compete in agility. Mom is always taking my pack brother and me to agility shows for the weekend. Different towns, different rooms but they all tend to run together. Right now I’m sizing up my competition at the Agility Nationals and wishing I was back home. It’s not that I don’t enjoy agility but I like sleeping in my own bed. I certainly don’t like leaving my pet alone too long, he tends to pick up bad habits.

Bryce1That’s my pack brother Bryce on the other bed. Everyone says he’s really good at this. He has seven ATCHs, whatever those are. He insists that he knows the sport better than anyone else. He’s always giving instructions to Mom when he runs. He even tries to tell me what to do when I run. He can be very distracting. Don’t be fooled by that look of cunning on his face, he’s only thinking one thought, how can he convince mom to give him another treat?

Whereas I try to enjoy the full experience of the course by checking out all the interesting scents and introducing myself to each of the judges (politeness counts), Bryce insists on running the course as fast as possible. He completely misses the point of the competition and often risks injury to himself. Mom even got a masseuse for him today because he might have overexerted himself. All he really wants to do is finish the course as fast as possible to get his treat.

I may not have ATCHs but at least I have my dignity.

It’s time for my beauty sleep. I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.